Dr. Richelle Smith

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    Richelle Smith

        Passion.  Knowledge.  Expertise. Your pet’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

        I was always going to be an animal doctor. Since I could say the word “vet”, my path was chosen. I started in the way most budding vets do, bringing home injured wildlife and strays and attempting to nurse them back to health.  Both my successes and failures helped ignite a need for more education.

        My passions include positive reinforcement training and behavior shaping and helping fearful or aggressive pets learn to love life and vets!  Pediatrics, senior pet care, surgery, allergies, and standards of care in veterinary anesthesia and pain management are just a few of my interests.

        26 years ago, I started working in dog boarding, breeding and training kennels, grooming salons and veterinary clinics. I have worked with many breeds from every group.  Some of my favorites include:  Golden Retrievers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, really the entire gun-dog family, Vizsla, Belgian Tervurens, Tosa Inu and most Mastiffs, and all of the Bulldogs and PitBulls. There is a really good chance I have worked with your breed too. 

        I also have extensive experience in animal shelters and foster care. I understand the special needs your rescue pet may have. 

           In my spare time, I love hiking, boating, agility with Jackjack, obedience with Booker, chin-scratching time with P-2, working with whomever is my foster dog at the time, and horseback riding.

        I look forward to helping you and your pet live together happily and in great health for as long as possible.

    Richelle Smith, DVM
    Safe Harbor Animal Hospital

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